About Us


Troy Bowman and his wife Robin are both retired Firefighters, and they maintain their dedication to saving things by being passionate about classic automobiles.


Troy has been restoring cars since his teenage years, getting the majority of his experience in diesel engines while helping his father, a commercial tractor-trailer driver. Since that time, Troy has restored cars, built cars, raced cars (and yes, wrecked a few cars), and basically loved cars his entire life. He officially began restoring vehicles for others upon the request of friends, and he began his business in a small shop behind his house. When word spread of the quality of his work, he had to enlarge his shop, and finally was forced to move to a much roomier shop when demand for his services became too great for his limited space.


Now Troy pursues his love of classic cars with the professionalism and quality of much larger restoration shops, and Robin helps to give all customers the feeling that they are part of the Rusty Classic family. Customers of Rusty Classic Restoration agree that one cannot find a higher quality output for the money, anywhere in the region. This is primarily because Troy and Robin take the time to do things the right way, the first time. So, if you ask Troy or Robin why choose RCR, they will answer, “because quality counts.”