(Restoration with Modification) - The sky's the limit: any parts of the vehicle may be altered to accommodate the customer's desires. Your vehicle may be painted any color. This can be accomplished with the frame-off for a more thorough refurbishment, or with the frame-on for a less involved project. The time involved obviously depends upon the extent of both the restoration needed/wanted and the modifications requested. Sometimes these projects take less time than a true restoration, since there is more lee-way in acquiring parts, but any extensive or very specialized modifications will increase the time and labor needed: expect 9-24 months.

Additonal Information

•An Important Note About Restorations Please Read First!
• True Concours Restoration
• Full "Frame-Off" Restoration (excluding Concours)
• Partial Restoration
• Resto-Mod (Restoration with Modification)
• Full Refresh (Frame-off)
• Partial Refresh (Frame-on)
• Get it Going (Wire It and Fire It)