Restoration & Refurbishments


The menu items for selection are defined in a way to aid the customer in vocalizing the exact type and level of services desired, so that if RCR is asked to give an estimate, it will more truly reflect what the customer is wanting. Often, the customer has unrealistic expectations about how much certain types of projects cost – and the actual labor and time involved - or what it means to the value of their car, when regarding a “cost versus market-worth” standpoint. Also, it is important that everyone involved is using the same terminology, so we have prepared some terms and items of consideration for the customer to contemplate before sitting down with us to discuss their project. For this reason, please review "An Important Note About Restorations" below, before proceeding further.

Additonal Information

•An Important Note About Restorations Please Read First!
• True Concours Restoration
• Full "Frame-Off" Restoration (excluding Concours)
• Partial Restoration
• Resto-Mod (Restoration with Modification)
• Full Refresh (Frame-off)
• Partial Refresh (Frame-on)
• Get it Going (Wire It and Fire It)