Full "Frame-Off" Restoration

(Excluding Concours) - A very involved restoration, but less so than a "concours." The car is disassembled, and every piece/part (interiors, exterior trim, body panels, engine, nuts & bolts, etc.) is inspected and either refurbished, repaired, or replaced as necessary, to be period correct. Your vehicle is painted to the color code matching the VIN, or to another period-correct color. These projects typically take less time than a true Concorde, because the specific part constraints are less, and these projects will typically take from 12-36 months (start to finish).

Additonal Information

•An Important Note About Restorations Please Read First!
• True Concours Restoration
• Full "Frame-Off" Restoration (excluding Concours)
• Partial Restoration
• Resto-Mod (Restoration with Modification)
• Full Refresh (Frame-off)
• Partial Refresh (Frame-on)
• Get it Going (Wire It and Fire It)