True Concours Restoration

The most involved, time-consuming type of restoration; a "concours" is a full frame-off restoration, where everything must be original - or replaced with original parts correct for the period and model. Paints and interiors must be exactly as when rolled off the manufacturing belt, including stickers on engines, overspray marks at doors, etc. Your vehicle is painted to the color code matching the VIN. These types of projects typically take 5-10 years from (the very start) to finish; much of the time involved is spent in research, and in tracking down and acquiring the correct parts. If parts are not available, then the original part must be refurbished to the extent possible. If the original part is missing and unavailable – or beyond salvage - then it must be fabricated to very exact specifications – often without the aid of a mold or model.

Additonal Information

•An Important Note About Restorations Please Read First!
• True Concours Restoration
• Full "Frame-Off" Restoration (excluding Concours)
• Partial Restoration
• Resto-Mod (Restoration with Modification)
• Full Refresh (Frame-off)
• Partial Refresh (Frame-on)
• Get it Going (Wire It and Fire It)